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Jan, 2018

December Knight of the Month

The St. John Paul II Knight of the Month for December is Tara Chisman!

The nominations come from coaches and are based on the following criteria:

1. Respect for coaches, teammates, officials, teachers, and other students and family.
2. Enthusiasm and positive attitude.
3. Altruism and helping teammates improve.
4. Commitment to practice, games, and personal skill development

After collecting the nominations submitted for December and then voting on them, the Athletic Committee has decided on Tara Chisman for the Knight Athlete of the month!

Congratulations Tara Chisman!

Comments from her nomination:
Chisman is a 4.0 straight-A student at St. John Paul II School and has made great contributions to the 7th-8th girls basketball team in this, her first ever year of organized basketball.

Most young athletes will first attempt a sport like basketball in the primary grades and either stick to it long-term or venture out to try other things. Much rarer is the young athlete who will attempt basketball for the very first time in seventh grade, and rarer still is the young athlete who will make herself an integral part of the team in her rookie year at the middle school level. But that is exactly what Chisman has done.

Chisman has proven herself to be extremely coach-able and willing to learn whatever she can to contribute to her team. She has developed her footwork on defense to quickly become one of the team’s best on-ball defenders. In the second game of the season, Chisman was asked to guard a Holy Family ball-handler that had been scoring the majority of the Eagles’ points in the first half;
that same Holy Family ball-handler was held scoreless in the second half of that game, due to Chisman’s defense.

Chisman has also put time and effort into developing her shooting skills, which is her favorite part of the game. At time of press, Chisman has only played in five basketball games in her entire life; she has scored in all five games. “It’s hard for a first-timer to score, especially joining so late in the process,” said Chisman’s coach, Joel Sackenheim. “To see Tara score in five games in a row-- her first five games ever-- that’s something I’ve never seen as long as I’ve been coaching.”

Chisman also is a member of the JPII Children’s Mass Choir, has attempted her first solo at a School Mass this year, and is one of the leaders among the altar-serving ranks. “She’s always showing up, giving us pep talks back in the sacristy before Mass,” says teammate and fellow altar server Caelea Graf. “She peps us up before basketball games, too.” Chisman has also been spotted giving fashion tips and teaching fashion modeling-style walking in the sacristy and has been known to give a hard time to certain assistant coaches who skip practices in favor of attending family Christmas obligations.

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